Sophie's Choice Harnesses are made at 

our address  "The Gigglin' Pig" 

    123 E. Broad Street

 Dunn, NC 28334  

Designer:       Constance R. Spell


(910) 658-3637

Client services:  Patrice Baker  

                           Mon. - Sun. 9A - 9P CT

(910) 514-3044

Store No.:          (910) 892-9235

Store Hours:   Monday thru Friday 

    2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.



10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Closed on Sunday


About Our Harnesses

Our harnesses only snap in one place.  They can be let out around the belly.  There are 8 sizes to choose from with the variables being your dogs weight and girth in inches.  This is where the tailor fit comes from.  In the rare event that your dog has a fit between two sizes or has an unusual shape, we are prepared to take in or out the harness. You simply speak with Patrice and mail it back to us.  It will cost less than $3.00 if you mail it within a yellow envelope.  You can buy them at the dollar store also.  We will make adjustments and mail it back.  It will not take longer than a week.  With other harnesses they have adjustments in several places.  Their not as comfortable for the dog and it's not attractive.  Our customers love their dogs to look good and enjoy buying something nice like this for their dogs.  They get lots of compliments and continue to buy with us in the future.  Constance designs and sews all her handcrafted harnesses.  She has a few senior citizens friends that are very good with quality and control and help with the work load.  

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​​​Sophie's booth at the Craft Shows and Pet Expo's

We cover some of the largest festivals from Pennsylvania to Florida including Alabama and Georgia.

All of the Gilmore Craftsman's Classic shows

​Constance R. Spell has been making dog harnesses for 20 years.  

Our tags on our harness.  The boy harnesses will sometimes say a "Sterling Collection" yet still have same contact info. 

Beware of Impostors

Because Sophie's Choice has been traveling all year to the festivals for so many  years, the product has become popular on  the East Coast.  Venders that attend the same shows see this.  They have fooled some customers by telling them that their harness is a Sophie's Choice product.  We are sorry that this has happened.  Usually Constance sells her own product and we have tags on our harnesses.  Please look for the tag and Constance.  Sophie or Axel, her dogs, will be at the shows with her.  So please be sure it is a Sophie's Choice Original before you buy it.

​​​ Sophie'sChoice 

designer-tailor fitted dog harnesses

Some of Sophie's Choice Clients in our harnesses

"Our advantage is that we can sew.  Your advantage is your not going to be disappointed." 

Stop the madness with all the contraption orientated harnesses, and go simple, let us take you and your pet to place you never thought possible with a dog harness.  

question:  If you see sleigh dogs wearing harnesses that wrap around their legs, that should tell you something. It tells me that this is the best contraption for pulling, where the dog gets more leverage.  Pretty sure the dog knows that too.  Our harnesses have one snap and go.  Also one adjustment that if you need to, you can let it out, that's if your dog gets a little thicker over the years.  

That's it!  We have eight sizes to handle structure. For interesting shaped dogs, we can tailor fit with ease.  

Is It a Sophie's Choice Original . . .