About Sophie's Choice Harnesses


Who makes Sophie's Choice Dog harness?

An elite team of well skilled seamstresses.  Quality and control is very strict at Sophie's and that is why the team is small.  Our seamstresses are responsible seamstresses, Senior Citizens.  The owner and designer is Constance Spell who sews everything.   Miss. Nancy Jernigan, who sews the ends of each strip of fabric around the webbing.   Miss. Marylin sews each strip together to create these fine harnesses.   Our products we stand behind.  Your harnesses can be repaired and adjusted.  You can even have one made just for your dog with their unique measurements.  Most of our customers come from the craft shows.  With 8 sizes on our web site I believe it is a bit overwhelming for the internet viewers.  If you know your dogs weight, your pretty much on point.  The room for adjusting is just around  the girth.  Most harnesses have two adjustable sizes.  Ours don't which is why we have eight sizes.  It is for a better fit and more comfort.  Plus it is easy to put on, with only one snap.  Constance appears at  the Washington D.C., Pet Expos(Facebook page)Craftsman's Classic Gilmore Craft Shows, Annual Festivals, and State Fairs.  She gets invited to a lot of  them but she can't make them all. She is usually doing a show every weekend with only 2 weeks off after christmas and about 3 weekends off the rest of the year, which explains the odd store hours.  She is very hands on, so she simply can not be everywhere.  Only her life long friends work for her, people she can trust.  These harnesses are extremely labor intensive.  There are a lot of steps involved in the making of them.  But they are worth it.  Constance loves fabric and working with it -- to her it is all worth it. The friends she makes at the shows are returning and buying every year.  This tells her she is doing something right.  Once they buy Sophie's Harnesses they stick to them.  They love the boleros, what is better than an outfit that you can strap a leash to and go.  One that you can count on, not coming undone.  The ones with the velcro in the front that she has seen but dose not make, beware, that can come undone while walking your dog if they pull hard enough.  Sophie's  Choice Boleros are little vests built to support like a harness but comfortable enough for your dog to lounge around in.

Where do they make Sophie's Choice  harnesses and Soap?

Downtown Dunn, North Carolina. Just before the railroad tracks if you are exiting off of US 95.  Get off on exit 73 and travel towards town.  Dunn is on the if you are coming from the south turn right There is a Deli right next to us so have a bite to eat and visit our town.  We have very nice hotels as well.  The ladies make the harnesses there so be prepared to see lots of sewing going on.  We are a quilt shop as well and we have a soap making room where we have been helping people with sensitive skin or special fragrance they may ask for over the years.  Our dog soap is pretty amazing and when I can get my hands on a bar of it, it just as well be gold.  My little dog Jojo was itching for a while.  I tried a lot of things and no hope.  Finally I used a bar of the pet soap and he stopped itching and his coat looked so shinny.  I did not have to use any conditioner.  I list all the ingredients in the soap and what its medicinal purposes are.  She is very picky about her quality of essential oil  and spends a lot of money on her ingredients.  My skin gets dry when I use soaps that you get everywhere and is commercialized.  It appears to get worse with the more fragrance that they add.  She will buy soap from the other venders at the craft festivals, they all buy from each other.  She gives it to me in gifts.  The goat milk soap is pretty good but I have never found any soap that smells as fresh as hers and they smell like your sitting next to the plant that the essential oils came from.  Like Lavender. They got a little low on the soaps and are building back up the base.  In the future I will make a page dedicated to soap and explaining in more detail how and wonderful the soap is.