These tags are on every Sophie's Choice Harness and bolero, except the male harnesses, which are inscribed as "A Sterling Collection" .  Our unisex harnesses' will have Sophie's Choice on it.

    Sophie's Choice harnesses has become very successful at various craft shows and festivals it attends.   It is hard work, yet rewarding in the sense of the people she gets to be reunited with every year. The customers come back. We list the shows we are in on our website. Of course, they can buy on our website -- they do that too; but, they like visiting and know that sometimes there are items we took off the website due to only having very little left.  Other venders see that we have business.  And yes, some vendors will try to copy an artist and market the lie. Even worse people have came to us trying to return his harnesses once they fell apart.  What we do is not luck. Constance has been making harnesses since 2010, our shop is and was a quilt shop prior to that. Making these harnesses takes a lot of time and skill.  U-Dog-U is our sister company and dear friends.  They make their harness correctly and our sizes are the same.  Outside of that I do not know.  Please be careful.

Avoid Being Scammed by imposters