More to come.  It takes a little while, but if you sent in your furry friend he/she will be up there soon.  I promise.  

Thank you,  Patrice

 "I appreciate those that have been so kind to send in their pictures."

"It has really been a lot of fun for me doing this, their all so adorable." 

If you have any photos you would like to add please send them directly to me, Patrice Baker, Constance's Daughter, I manage both of the web sites for her.  

my email:  or you may text them to (910) 514-3044

If you have a caption or name I will add it. You will see it when you hover over the picture it will appear or I will type it at the bottom of the Picture.  

Please, don't worry about how your photo looks.  I have cropped these photos and made them look cute, put their names on them if they send me a name.  I can do a collage like Marsha & Abby's to the left.  I will send the photo back to you once it is done if you put your name on the text.  Sometimes I get a text with a phone number and no name, it makes it difficult to find the person who sent it to me later.  I love doing this because I love my dogs and I understand how our customers love their dogs.  So it is fun.  

Thanks So Much,