​​​​Size Chart

Price & SizeWeightGirth in inches
$20    Teacup2.5 to 3.5 lbs.10.75 to 12.25 in.

$21    Teacup Plus4 to 612.25 to 14.75

$22    Toy6 to 813.75 to 16.5

$23    Toy plus8 to 1015 to 18

$24    Small10.5 to 13.516.25 to 20.25

$25    Small plus14 to 1717.5 to 21.75

$26    Medium17.5 to 2019 to 24

$27   Medium plus20 to 2521.25 to 26

$28   Large25 to 4524.5 to 30.7

How to Size Your Little Friend

 The 8 different sizes is so there is less adjusting and more comfort.  You will also notice that these harnesses do not go around the legs.  How nice is that?  No chafing, it is a dogs dream come true.  For the dogs that like to lead you down the street, I would switch to a harness, it is easier on their trachea.  Studies have shown the damaging effect of dogs that pull their owners down the street with a collar on.  Click on this word damage and see how it is caused. 

Tip: If you do not have a tape measure, but have a ruler.  A shoelace can be used to measure around your pooch.  Then measure the string with a ruler.  See where I have girth marked, this is where you will measure.  It should be the widest part around your dog.

If it has been a while since your dog has been weighed at the vet, you can put your dog on a scale at home if they will hold still for you.  Or do what I do.  I weigh myself first.  Then weigh myself with my dog in my arms.  Then I subtract the two reading, this will give you your dog's weight.  

Size Table for Fleece and Flannel Dog Coats

Petite                 Less than 8 in. neck to tail    $29.00

Extra Small           8-10 in. neck to tail            $30.00

Small                   12-14 in. neck to tail           $33.00

Medium               16-18 in. neck to tail           $36.00

Large                   20-22 in. neck to tail           $42.00

Extra Large          24-26 in. neck to tail           $50.00

Fleece Coat.  Supper Comfortable 😍

  • ​​Prices are without ruffles.

  • Bolero and harnesses are the same price.

  • Double Ruffles $6.00

  • Double ruffle with eyelet $6.50

  • Bows .50 cents

  • We carry matching collars and leashes

  • and wiz wraps

This example is for the new Fleece and flannel coats.   Measure from the neck to the tail.  If you find yourself in between sizes use the larger size.  This is all you need to determine your dog's size.  You can not walk your dog from our coats, only the bolero's and harnesses.  The coats are warmer and longer.