This is Paris - A harness and outfit in one.
Red Paw Dog harness comes with or without a ruffle


 Greetings friends. 

      Prepare to be impressed.  When you hold our products in your hand you will be surprised it is made for a dog.  With the purest of intent Constance believes  it is possible to make a harness that is beautiful, comfortable, and durable.  That is what you get with Sophie's Choice Harnesses.  Sophie's products are very popular on the Southern East Coast.  Like no other, our customers are treated like gold and with a very small crew we make it all possible.  Products like these must keep their integrity and we know that as a business grows the quality and control suffers.  Our dogs should have every privilege as we do when it comes to comfort and style.  

Why buy from us. 

​      Yes, there's plenty of cute outfits out there on the market.  The posh expensive ones' make you too afraid to let your dog do much of anything in them -- and don't even think about putting them in the washer.  Their pretty, but their not comfortable, or even made with that intent at all. Then you have the 'cute-but-cheap' dog clothes, which are fine if your not going to be walking your dog in it; yet, the worse is buying something that is made poorly where your pet can barely move. The non-rational mind speaks, 'well I paid for it, I minus well put it on them'.  In the end it goes in the pile of 'garbage that didn't work out so well'.  So, when your tired of all that, you really can reach the finish line and close this loop.  We tailor fit. If your not happy, you call us and you get us.  You end up using our products and you are happy.  We don't stop until you are. We have several pets and we are tired of the merry-go-round of pet supplies that turn out to be junk. So we made our own. You get a structurally sound harness and a human-grade quality outfit for your dog with 'no-more leg issues'.

Paris, on the right, is also a harness we call it the full-vested Boleros.  Easy-peasy to put on.  One snap and your all set.


"Inspired by the love for our dogs."


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